Intelligent and disruptive technology and the increase in distributed energy sources is changing the way the grid must operate. Grid owners need access to real-time grid management, allowing them to optimise operations, improve reliability and streamline processes. Our partner is working with their clients to create this modern vision become a reality. With new acquisitions and partnerships taking place, the practice is at the cutting edge of grid modernisation

We are seeking a senior level advisory consultant to provide strategic leadership across the Transmission and Distribution sector in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. You will be an innovative thinker capable of shaping a value proposition and winning and delivering strategic transformation projects. You will have a passion for technology and the energy sector. The role is ideally based in the region.

The future grid sector is a rapidly evolving area, experience in any of the following areas are advantageous:

  • Relevant consulting or business transformation experience in multiple aspects of transmission systems operations, distribution systems operations, or wholesale electricity market operations
  • Smart Grid solutions and technology understand including, ideally, solutions from companies such as GE/Alstom, ABB, Schneider, Siemens, Unicorn, Brady etc
  • Integrating (above) solutions with GIS
  • Business process design and technology implementation to support the transmission, distribution, or wholesale electricity market operations
  • Knowledge of emerging transmission, distribution, or market management technologies and innovative processes like grid asset analytics, enterprise reporting, grid situational awareness, integration of renewable generation, wholesale market scheduling/dispatch, financial transmission rights, competitive capacity markets, electricity market settlement, and EU Network Codes

Required Skills:

  • Highly articulate and able clearly communicate complex solutions in a concise, simple and logical manner
  • Ability to shape business strategy and technology implementation programmes
  • Strong analytical skills and the ability to provide clarity to complex issues and process large amounts of information
  • Fluent German and English language skills
  • Able to influence other people using logical fact-based arguments and persuasive skills
  • Desire to continually learn and improve
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • An ability to inspire teams to deliver to a high standard in a suitable timeframe
  • A team player with the ability to coach and develop others
  • Be an innovative and analytical thinker

To express an interest in this role please contact Andrew McDade via email at