As part of the Marketing and Communication Team, the role will be to work for growth, monitoring and maintenance of the entire web and digital, giving support to the teams that will require it. The ideal candidate will have experience working with JavaScript, PHP and MySQL, with preference given to those who have used the Laravel platform or other frameworks. It should be autonomous, problem solving and follow the business goals.




•                 Designing and developing WordPress or other CSM

•                 Designing and implementing new features and functionality

•                 Establishing and guiding the website’s architecture

•                 Ensuring high-performance and availability, and managing all technical aspects of the CMS

•                 Preparing and crafting a design plan

•                 Working on user experience optimization

•                 Working on performance, speed & server optimization




•                 Experience in coding (CSS, HTML, PHP & JavaScript)

•                 Have 1+ years of experience designing and developing websites / web applications

•                 Extensive knowledge of WordPress CMS, Plugins

•                 Knowledge of MySQL, CPanel & API integration

•                 Extensive knowledge of Affinity Designer / Illustrator / Photoshop (or any other design software)

•                 Strong understanding of UX & visual design

•                 Portfolio demonstrating your past projects

•                 Strong creative skills

•                 The ability to pay attention to detail

•                 Good problem-solving skills and a logical approach to work

•                 The ability to explain technical matters clearly

•                 Ability to work to deadlines

•                 Passionate about learning new things

•                 Ability to work on your own and in a team


But We’d Prefer a Bit More (additional Skills)

•                 Extensive experience and produce WordPress Plugin

•                 Developing new features and custom web applications

•                 Have experience in SEO and website optimisation

•                 Extensive experience in coding (CSS, HTML, PHP & JavaScript)